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This version now allows to add your own drinks! Reason enough to give it 4 stars, since I like this app a lot. Wide variety of drinks and a nice interface. 5th star comes when the discover feature can be told to show drinks that contain all the selected ingredients instead of drinks that have only selected ingredients.

Not great


Poor quality

No organization of the drinks. Just a plain list. Recommend that you dont buy.

Handy Guide

A simple comprehensive guide of over 180 drink recipes by name, and you can also search by ingredients e.g. "tequila" or "lemon juice" and it will give you instantly all the drinks with associated recipes comprising that ingredient. It is more basic than the other app "Cocktails" but only costs 1/5 as much .... a dollar well spent.

Good general drinks app... Could use a few tweaks...

Good app, lots of promise. Really like the ability to search recipes by glass type, ingredient, or name. Discovery feature great for listing drink options based on what you have in your bar and fridge. A few suggestions for future updates: 1 - allow to edit and add photos to recipes after they are created. 2 - allow to add photos to the existing recipes. 3 - allow a "flip-through" option to browse recipes, without having to pick individual titles. Look forward to future updates. Cheers...

Great app - several suggestions

I love this App, especially the ability to add your own cocktails and ingredients, but I would like to see a few features added. First, I would like to be able to add notes to existing cocktails that come with the App, and to be able to amend and save as a new drink a variation on an existing cocktail (instead of creating a new cocktail from scratch). Second, add standard garnishes as a category e.g. Lemon/orange/lime peel/twist, cherry, lemon/orange/lime/pineapple slice, celery, pickled green bean, etc. Third, if I add a drink via my iPad, it would be great if upon synching with iTunes that the same drink would appear on my iPhone. Fourth, Id like to be able to print a recipe, other than by emailing it to myself and printing the email. Fifth, Ive added a lot of new recipes and and custom ingredients and Id hate to lose the data. It would be great to be able to back it up somehow. Sixth, the ability to add a photo to the drink recipes that ship with the App would be useful.

Love it!

I love this app. I like how you can enter your ingredients on hand and it gives you drinks with those ingredients. You can also add your own drink complete with picture. I recommend this app to anyone with i- products.

great app !

discover drinks with whatever you have. Just what I was looking for. Thanks How about getting users to review drinks?

Great App!

Very usefull


very nice app!

Excellent App with superb support

This is a great app. The support is outstanding. You will be able to easily add custom drinks. You are also able to search for drinks based on what you have available. That is a really handy feature. There is a huge list of very tasty drinks which can easily be searched based on various criteria. In my opinion, this is the only bartender app youll need. The author of the app is also always making improvements and adding new drinks to the list. Why download another drink app when this one has it all.

Useful app

Very useful to get you started in your drinking endeavors I wish there was mo re pictures,


Great easy tool

Its so easy.

this is the best way to learn about and try new drinks. Every bartender should own this app.

Love this app!!!

Love this app!!!! Especially the items in the house. Find the most interesting drinks that way!!!

Great App

I love the feature where you select the ingredients you have and it gives you all the possible drinks to make.

Great app

Awesome app for thee training bartenders of the world. It has all if not almost all named bar drinks. Highly satisfied

Good interface but lacking ingredients

It seems to be a simple, but polished app. Needs for ingredients such as fireball whiskey and more flavors of rum and vodka. Hoping they come soon

Great App

This is a really good app with great recipes built in and the ability to add your own. My suggestion for future updates is to allow my drinks and ingredients to be shared between devices, like iPhone to iPod.

Great resource

Perfect for at your fingers look ups

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