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iBartender Drink & Cocktail Recipes app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 8384 ratings )
Reference Food & Drink
Developer: Kevin Kozan
0.99 USD
Current version: 7.0, last update: 4 months ago
First release : 31 Jul 2008
App size: 9.66 Mb

Hundreds of cocktail recipes in your pocket for less than a cup of coffee.


- *NEW* Backup & Restore saves all iBartender user data to the cloud including custom drink recipes (with images), custom ingredients, favorites, ratings, and inventory selections (in-app purchase).

- Recipes for many of the most popular mixed drinks, cocktails and shots.

- Discover shows you the drinks you can make with what you have on hand.

- Shopping List uses the ingredients you have on hand and your favorite drinks to create a shopping list of the ingredients you are missing (found under "My Drinks").

- Add your own drink recipes.

- Add your own ingredients (found under Home -> Settings).

- Rate drinks and view the top rated & most popular drinks as determined by other iBartender users.

- Search by drink name or ingredient(s).

- Images for one third of the drinks with more added each update.

- View recipes in US standard or metric units.

- Email drink recipes.

- Choose a random drink when browsing by shaking your iOS device.

- Simple, easy to use interface.

Please drink responsibly.

Pros and cons of iBartender Drink & Cocktail Recipes app for iPhone and iPad

iBartender Drink & Cocktail Recipes app good for

This version now allows to add your own drinks! Reason enough to give it 4 stars, since I like this app a lot. Wide variety of drinks and a nice interface. 5th star comes when the discover feature can be told to show drinks that contain all the selected ingredients instead of drinks that have only selected ingredients.
A simple comprehensive guide of over 180 drink recipes by name, and you can also search by ingredients e.g. "tequila" or "lemon juice" and it will give you instantly all the drinks with associated recipes comprising that ingredient. It is more basic than the other app "Cocktails" but only costs 1/5 as much .... a dollar well spent.
Good app, lots of promise. Really like the ability to search recipes by glass type, ingredient, or name. Discovery feature great for listing drink options based on what you have in your bar and fridge. A few suggestions for future updates: 1 - allow to edit and add photos to recipes after they are created. 2 - allow to add photos to the existing recipes. 3 - allow a "flip-through" option to browse recipes, without having to pick individual titles. Look forward to future updates. Cheers...
I love this App, especially the ability to add your own cocktails and ingredients, but I would like to see a few features added. First, I would like to be able to add notes to existing cocktails that come with the App, and to be able to amend and save as a new drink a variation on an existing cocktail (instead of creating a new cocktail from scratch). Second, add standard garnishes as a category e.g. Lemon/orange/lime peel/twist, cherry, lemon/orange/lime/pineapple slice, celery, pickled green bean, etc. Third, if I add a drink via my iPad, it would be great if upon synching with iTunes that the same drink would appear on my iPhone. Fourth, Id like to be able to print a recipe, other than by emailing it to myself and printing the email. Fifth, Ive added a lot of new recipes and and custom ingredients and Id hate to lose the data. It would be great to be able to back it up somehow. Sixth, the ability to add a photo to the drink recipes that ship with the App would be useful.
I love this app. I like how you can enter your ingredients on hand and it gives you drinks with those ingredients. You can also add your own drink complete with picture. I recommend this app to anyone with i- products.
discover drinks with whatever you have. Just what I was looking for. Thanks How about getting users to review drinks?

Some bad moments

No organization of the drinks. Just a plain list. Recommend that you dont buy.
Just wanted some basic recipes. Hot buttered rum isnt even included. Had to Google it. Completely defeated the purpose if the app in the first place.
Not at all user friendly. Can only enter your own recipes using pre-selected ingredients. For example, you cannot add creme de violette or old tom gin. To add vodka you have to scroll to the end of list or try to search. Pressing the magnifying glass brings up a blank screen without a keyboard.
Poor search and filter features. And doesnt even have Mezcal?! For such good ratings, was expecting more.
Another 99 cents down the drain. This is a terrible app. The UX is poor and it doesnt actually find any drinks when I choose ingredients. Back to a real analog book with an index for me.

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